‘Giant screenprint of nine DFC cartoons’

Media used: Screenprint

  • Screenprinting is a stencil process in which the stencil is affixed to a fine mesh of silk, man-made fibre or steel, known as the screen. There are various ways of making and attaching the stencil to the screen. Once done, the screen is stretched over an open frame. The ink is pushed across its surface by a flexible blade called a squeegee and forced through the holes where the printing surface is not masked, on to the paper below. A separate screen is required for each colour of the finished print.

  • Unmounted

  • Dimensions: 490 x 700 mm

  • £125.00 + VAT=  £150.00
  • * countries outside of EU do not pay VAT

Please note that Children's Book Illustration watermarks do not appear on the actual artworks.