Anita Jeram

Anita Jeram

Original picture book artwork by Anita Jeram is available for purchase from Children's Book Illustration together with the original artwork from her popular Two Bad Mice cards.

Anita Jeram was born and brought up in Portsmouth. She completed both her foundation course in Visual Studies and degree course in Illustration at Manchester Polytechnic. Her tutor, David Hughes (also an illustrator), took some of her work to Walker Books and her first book, Bill's Belly Button, was published in 1991, a year after she graduated. Her second book, It Was Jake!, was included on the National Curriculum SAT reading list.

Since then Anita Jeram has become recognised globally with numerous highly successful titles to her name inclding her best known book, Guess How Much I Love You, which rapidly became established around the world as a new picture-book classic. Over a million copies were printed in the first year of publication and it was one of the best-selling children's books in both Britain and America. Guess How Much I Love You was shortlisted for the 1994 Kurt Maschler Award and for the Illustrated Children's Books category of the 1994 British Book Awards.

Anita has worked with some of the U.K.'s best known authors including Dick King-Smith, but mainly writes and illustrates her own books. She is also a highly successful greetings card designer for Two Bad Mice and the illustrations from these, together with her original book artwork, have proved extremely popular with buyers.

Anita lives in a renovated farmhouse right near the sea with her husband and three children, together with a menagerie of animals - that her daughter keeps adding to!

A blog by Two Bad Mice director Julian Williams on Anita's work is well worth a read!


Highlight and click on a book cover below to view the illustrations from that book
All Together Now
Puppy Love
MIXED-UP ANIMALS -Two Bad Mice card artwork
FEATHERED FRIENDS - Two Bad Mice card artwork
BEARS - Two Bad Mice card artwork
CATS - Two Bad Mice card artwork
DOGS - Two Bad Mice card artwork
MICE - Two Bad Mice card artwork
Little Chick
All Pigs are Beautiful - PUBLISHED artwork
It was Jake!
RABBITS & HARES - Two Bad Mice card artwork
Dick King-Smith's Animal Friends
I Love Guinea-pigs
OTHER ANIMALS - Two Bad Mice card artwork
Contrary Mary
All Pigs are Beautiful - unpublished work
The Most Obedient Dog in the World


Click on the illustrations below to see them enlarged, together with details of price, size etc.
  • ‘Surburban fox’

    ‘Surburban fox’

  • ‘Urban foxes’

    ‘Urban foxes’

  • ‘Fox cubs playing in leaves’

    ‘Fox cubs playing in leaves’

  • ‘Fox cub playing with mother's tail.’

    ‘Fox cub playing with mother's tail.’

  • ‘Piglets on straw’

    ‘Piglets on straw’

  • ‘Newt’


  • ‘Not quite over the hill!’

    ‘Not quite over the hill!’

  • ‘My deer’

    ‘My deer’

  • ‘Monty’


  • ‘You're special’

    ‘You're special’

  • ‘The hunting party’

    ‘The hunting party’

  • ‘Rescue’


  • ‘Beetle tracking’

    ‘Beetle tracking’

  • ‘Racoons’


  • ‘Scooter’


  • ‘Feeling blue?’

    ‘Feeling blue?’

  • ‘Strictly for the birds’

    ‘Strictly for the birds’

  • ‘Cat burgler 2’

    ‘Cat burgler 2’

  • ‘Dolly’


  • ‘Cat on top of a tree’

    ‘Cat on top of a tree’

  • ‘Thanks’


  • ‘Dog with present’

    ‘Dog with present’

  • ‘Dog & Bone’

    ‘Dog & Bone’

  • ‘For you’

    ‘For you’

  • ‘Cat with presents’

    ‘Cat with presents’

  • ‘Starry Night’

    ‘Starry Night’

  • ‘Pride & Joy’

    ‘Pride & Joy’

  • ‘Cat Show’

    ‘Cat Show’

  • ‘Downloading now’

    ‘Downloading now’

  • ‘Minding the shopping’

    ‘Minding the shopping’

  • ‘Dog-powered skateboard’

    ‘Dog-powered skateboard’

  • ‘Back seat driver’

    ‘Back seat driver’

  • ‘The kids' football’

    ‘The kids' football’

  • ‘Queue for lunch’

    ‘Queue for lunch’

  • ‘Speckled frogs’

    ‘Speckled frogs’

  • ‘Humming-birds’


  • ‘Bet it's a necklace’

    ‘Bet it's a necklace’

  • ‘Loft Apartment’

    ‘Loft Apartment’

  • ‘